Friday, 17 February 2012

Well Underway...

Well well, we started work before Christmas really. Ripping out the kitchen first (we have a vendetta against fitted kitchens!), then all the carpets & laying down lovely floorboards, non of this laminate malarkey. Also, painting the stone walls, although they had a certain character, they were so very dark & grey, & the pointing wasn't particularly attractive.

On Sunday Rob & I went down & stayed until Wednesday. Solid painting, it was tiring & rather fumy at times. But we got a good start on the place & I am so excited to go back for more.

Here are the photos of our progress:

The Sitting Room.
 Filling in the screw holes:
 Note the gold stickers that were evil to take off & paint over! (& unpainted masonry)
 Priming the floor in white:
 Painted masonry:
 Henry cleaning the newly painted floor in Farrow & Ball's 'Off-White': (& tidy fireplace)
 Ta-Da! Brilliant white walls & ceilings (5 coats on each) - Perfect blank canvas for our furniture & art:
 Final coat of floor paint on the way out:

The Hall Way.
Filling the holes:
 Brown & yellow, hmmmm:
 A small space for a long roller:
 Dingy photo - it's late at night:
 Fresh & bright - still needs floor painted & new door:
 The Back Bedroom.
Dark floor (was painted white but forgot photo):
 Window over cute next door cottages:
 Painting the room a lovely pale bluey grey:
 Unfortunatly no finished pics as ran out of paint - soon though!

The Kitchen.
The kitchen has a lot of work to be done, but here it is for now. Lovely Rayburn & newly painted chairs:
 The great sink & new oak worktop (with plates & bowls all round in charity shops & all in white & blue):

Right. Well, that's it for now. Will be keeping this updated regularly as Nine is the only thing on my brain right now! Bought a cast iron bath from the recycling centre today & a new front door - info to follow.

Oh & by the way, you'll need something to compare this to, so here are the 'before' pictures. These were taken the day we went to look around it way back in last May.


Thursday, 16 February 2012


Hello, this is a new blog for our little cottage in Cornwall.
We bought Number Nine, Bojewyan Stennack in the summer of 2011.
We fell in love with it straight away, the potential was huge, & we love a challenge. The charming stone cottage with a Rayburn, amazing garden, little stream, & amazing sea views.
Our aim is to create a stunning home from home, & also to create a business. Somewhere for people to holiday in England, appreciate some sea air, take cliff top walks, icey dips, & relax in front of a hot fire in the evening.

I am making this blog to document the progress & changes the cottage will go through... Lets get started!